Survival Tabs - 15-Day Food Supply - Gluten Free and Non-GMO - 180 Tablets

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Shelf Life: 25 years (unopened) Serving Size: 12 Chewable Tablets Bottle Dimensions (inches): L 7.5 x W 5 x D 2.75 Weight: 1.80 lbs Material: Plastic Contains: 180 Tablets Resealable: Yes

Vanilla Malt Survival Tabs - 15 Day Supply

survival tabs the on the go meal replacement food diet rationWe all know how sensational the vanilla flavor can be, which is why we have included in our survival tabs flavors. If vanilla is your favorite flavor, you can now enjoy your favorite flavor when you buy our survival tabs for all your emergency nutritional requirements.

Vanilla survival tabs come in plastic containers that contain 180 pieces of easily chewable and 100% digestible survival tabs that can help your body meet up with daily vitamins and mineral requirements for efficient functioning.

Like all other flavors, the vanilla emergency food meal come with 25 years unopened shelf life, which means you can buy them and store for the rainy day. Whether you need a quality food supplement that will help augment your daily nutritional intake or a reliable meal replacement you can fall on when nature sends her unpleasant moments your way or the way of people around you, the vanilla survival tabs has all the 15 essential vitamins and minerals, as well as protein you need to get the right nutrition, maintain a good energy level and right stamina.

In different professions like sports and rescue teams, the survival tabs have become a very indispensable part of all kits to make sure all nutritional needs are met effectively. Explorers have found the benefits of carrying vanilla survival tabs along when they embark on any adventure in space, which is why they never leave home without it.

You can hardly find any other meal replacement that can provide the nutritional value the survival tabs nutrition balance - diet food ration - emergency foodand health benefits the survival tabs offer. This is why the survival tabs remain unrivaled as the king of all emergency meal replacements and food supplement in the market for decades now.

Even travelers avoid the common gastrointestinal problems that arise from eating from roadside shanties by relying solely on the survival tabs to take care of all their nutritional supplies for as long as the journey lasts. People who suffer from illnesses that lead to loss of appetite equally find the survival tabs helpful as they help supply all needed proteins, vitamins and minerals.