AR500 Spartan Body Armor | Level III Base Front and Back w/ 6"x8" Side Plates

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 ****This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor****

Here are some demonstration videos from very credible and popular YouTube channels. Do NOT purchase armor from any other competitor without watching our videos first.

We use a lab-certified, ballistic rated variant of AR500 specifically milled and engineered to our specifications for armor applications. Not all AR500 is the same! From start to finish, our armor undergoes strict Quality Assurance / Quality Control measures to ensure you're receiving the highest quality product around...period. Although our original designs have been copied we are the longest selling supplier of steel body armor here on eBay. View the videos, read the description to become informed, and read our FAQ (towards the bottom of the listing) before purchasing body armor. We highly encourage you to think twice before buying body armor from other companies. After all, it's YOUR life!

What separates Spartan Armor Systems from the competition?

Originality! Spartan Armor Systems is the first in the industry to cut our armor signature ergonomic radius cuts around the neck, shoulders, and lower abdomen. This is a distinctive feature of our original AR500 Spartan Body Armor. Don't be fooled by copycats. Know you're getting original Spartan Body Armor by our trademarked Spartan helmet embedded in our coating.

Preparation! We do it right! Our armor is CNC laser cut to perfection, CNC bent on custom milled dies for a continual, flowing bend radius, and then ran through our industrial shot blaster prior to coating. Our etching process ensures you receive a coating that far outperforms any competitor's coating, and will NOT delaminate over time. We're so certain, we offer a 10 year defect warranty on our coating! Check out all the videos above to see why, with confidence, we have the absolute best coating in the industry!

Warranty! Spartan Armor Systems guarantees our steel body armor and the coating from ALL manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years from purchase date. If your armor has our signature Spartan logo embedded on the front and the manufactured stickers on the back, it's warranted through our company!

Quality Assurance! We have a professional 3500 sq. ft. facility based in Tucson, AZ. From start to finish, we have total and complete control of our armor. We perform lab certification and in-house testing on each and every batch of plate we produce for NIJ certification and compliance.

Proven! Though NIJ just calls for (6) equally spaced impacts of M80 ball from a distance of 15 meters, our Level III body armor FAR outperforms the bare minimum requirements. Watch the videos above. We've defeated XM193, M855, M80, and 30-06 over, and over, and over again! There is no other manufacturer of steel armor here on eBay that has these PROVEN credentials on multiple videos.

Full Frag Mitigation Coat: If the product description states these plates come with a FULL COAT of our frag mitigation coating, that means we shot blast, etch, prime, and hand spray each and every plate with approximately 250 mils (1/4" - 5/16") of the industry's most effective frag mitigation coating. Rest assured you will be fully protected against fragmentation and spalling should you receive an impact.

Base Coat: If the product description states this item comes with a "BASE" of our frag mitigation, that means we shot blast, prime, etch, and hand spray approximately 50 mils (1/8" +/-) of our frag mitigation coating, with the sole purpose of only protecting the plates against the elements (rust, corrosion, etc.) and to make the plates very aesthetically pleasing. Base coated plates provide little to zero fragmentation mitigation properties.

***Please note the weights listed below are very close approximate weights and they can slightly differ between batches***


10" x 12" Formed or Flat Raw Steel 8lbs 2oz (per plate)

6" x 6” Formed or Flat Raw Steel 2lbs 8oz (per plate)

6" x 8" Formed or Flat Raw Steel 3lbs 8 oz (per plate)


10" x 12" Base Coat 8lbs 10oz (per plate)

6" x 6” Base Coat 2lbs 1oz (per plate)

6” x 8" Base Coat 3lbs 10oz (per plate)


10" x 12" Full Coat 9lbs 11oz (per plate)

6" x 6" Full Coat 2lbs 15oz (per plate)

6" x 8" Full Coat 3lbs 14 oz (per plate)

By purchasing from Spartan Armor Systems, you will receive the following items:

(2) 10"x12" Base Coat Ballistic-Grade AR500 Body Armor Plate (Formed for comfort)

(2) 6"x8" Base Coat Ballistic-Grade AR500 Side Plates (ABR Aggressive Bend Radius)

(1) Copy of NIJ testing certificate.